Organizational Leadership Development

By investing in your organization’s leaders, you’ll inspire higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and overall growth.

Our Partnership with Culture Partners

Having been intimately involved in the finance industry for over 20 years at the most prestigious institutions, it’s our observation that this profession needs to revamp its approach to “traditional” Wall Street leadership practices to accommodate a rapidly evolving landscape  and better equip leaders to meet their teams’ needs. Employee engagement, productivity and retention will all follow suit…. As respectful as we are at XEN to traditional practices, the finance industry has also been described as rigid, archaic, hierarchical and being loath to change. How do we change these perceptions as leaders to attract the best talent, especially the next generation? How do we give our leaders the organizational tools to connect to their employees in order to improve employee engagement and retention? Are our current corporate leadership training programs and curricula resonating with employees and how can we change that?   In order to better serve our organizational needs, we are introducing a partnership with Culture Partners an organization with a demonstrable track record and top tier clients across various industries.

"I believe for organizations, the partnership with Culture Partners can truly transform organizations to perform at their optimal levels."

Wais Achikzad | Founder / CEO