Zen-inspired Leadership & Career Coaching for Financial Services Professionals

Experience mindful leadership development and career consulting tailored to the evolving demands of the financial industry. Explore the benefits of emotional intelligence and enhance your executive coaching experience.

Unlock Emotional Intelligence through Mindful Leadership

Use emotional intelligence to lead with high EQ/EI and improve your team’s performance. We offer in-person or virtual leadership coaching to help you communicate, build relationships, and create a healthy work environment.

Leverage Extensive Industry Experience & Personalized Executive Coaching

Benefit from our founder’s 25 years of leadership at JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. Wais’ professional expertise and passion for assisting others make him the ideal partner for leadership development and career counseling.

Boost Retention and Productivity through Our Services

Create a strong team with minimal turnover and high retention for stability and success. Work-life balance, team management, and corporate strategy improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

Customized Solutions

At Xen Culture Solutions, we provide tailor-made services to help leaders and professionals navigate the unique challenges of the financial services industry. Our solutions empower you to lead with resilience, adaptability, and emotional intelligence. Refine your approach to career navigation and enhance your skills with more efficient time management and problem-solving approaches  to further excel in your field.

One-on-One Leadership Coaching

Experience personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs for maximum leadership growth with a Zen-inspired approach.

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Career Coaching & Development

Propel your career to new heights with our career consulting and development services from Xen Culture Solutions.

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Organizational Leadership Development

Our collaboration with Culture Partners ensures that your organization benefits from a tried-and-tested leadership development program proven to transform workplace cultures.

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About Us

Meet Wais Achikzad Your Leadership and Career Coach

Xen Culture Solutions was founded with a passion for guiding financial services industry professionals on their leadership and career journeys. As an experienced leader at top financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan, and Goldman Sachs, Wais leverages his wealth of knowledge to help you navigate challenges, develop emotional intelligence, and achieve your goals. Drawing from his experience in countless real-life situations, Wais offers personalized programs tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your executive coaching experience is highly impactful. Discover what sets us apart and how we can help make a difference for your team and your career.

Experience at Top Financial Companies

Redefine Success with Expert Leadership and Career Coaching

Decoding the Financial Services Industry

Key Insights and Trends


A lack of appropriate management skills makes employees 4x more likely to quit.


Emotional intelligence counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined.


the number of “engaged” employees when emotional intelligence is introduced.


Trusted by Financial Services Industry Professionals

Our clients can attest to the transformative impact our senior leadership courses and career consultancy services have had on their careers and organizations. Read their stories and discover how our dedication to mindful leadership, effective communication, and problem-solving strategies have contributed to their success.


Inspiring Leaders through Mindful Leadership Coaching

Wais imparts his knowledge at schools and events. Browse his featured appearances, such as the Upenn Wharton Undergraduate Finance Club, where he shares new executive coaching and career development ideas with industry aspiring financial professionals.


Collaborating with Industry Leaders for Holistic Strategies

Strategic alliances boost Xen Cultural Solutions’ competence. Explore our Culture Partners and Wall Street Oasis partnerships. These relationships will enhance your professional leadership coaching and career consulting experience, assuring well-rounded financial sector experts.

Let's Take the Next Step Together

Are you ready to elevate your career and overcome your unique challenges with personalized consulting and career coaching services? Book a discovery call today to begin your journey and experience the benefits of expert guidance and support from Xen Culture Solutions.