About Xen Culture Solutions

Discover our unique approach to leadership development and career consulting in the financial services industry, grounded in mindful leadership, expertise, experience, and emotional intelligence.

Our Philosophy for Leadership Development

In our coaching we emphasizes emotional intelligence in leadership coaching and executive coaching.

Mindfulness, self-awareness, empathy, and effective communication are key elements in our coaching approach.

Our goal is to create strong connections, foster a positive workplace culture, and lead high-performing teams.

We focus on elevating the leadership capabilities of financial services industry professionals at all levels.

Meet Wais Achikzad

A Visionary & Mindful Leader Transforming the Financial services Industry

Wais brings to Xen Culture Solutions over 25 years of experience, holding leadership positions at top financial institutions like JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. With a passion for helping others navigate their professional journeys through career coaching, Wais offers invaluable insights on emotional intelligence, team-building, and communication in the financial industry. His exceptional achievements and industry knowledge, combined with developing senior leadership courses, embody the core values of Xen Culture Solutions.

Benefit from Experience at Top Financial Companies:


Performance Leadership Certificate
Cornell University | Issued Sep 2020

Change Management
Cornell University | Issued Jan 2020

Executive Leadership Certificate
Cornell University | Issued Jan 2020

Tailored Executive Coaching for Exceptional Professional Growth

Wais’s approach to leadership and emotional intelligence coaching is centered around understanding and catering to the unique needs of each client. By carefully assessing individual strengths and challenges, Wais creates customized coaching solutions that empower financial professionals to overcome obstacles, unlock their potential, and excel in their careers through mindful leadership practices.


Collaborating for Holistic Development and Impact in Finance

At Xen Culture Solutions, our partnerships with Culture Partners and Wall Street Oasis enrich our leadership coaching programs by offering valuable resources, insights, and best practices. These collaborations enable us to provide our clients with a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to leadership development and career growth, ensuring lasting success in the financial services industry and promoting diversity initiatives.

Community Involvement

Giving Back – A Commitment to Positive Change

As a compassionate and dedicated organization, Xen Culture Solutions is committed to making a meaningful impact in our community. Wais is an active board member of the Homaira Rahman Foundation, which focuses on supporting education for orphaned children in Afghanistan. We believe in using our expertise and resources through mindful leadership practices to contribute to a brighter future for all, both within and beyond the financial services industry.

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